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Hello, my name is Joe Bouchard, or as friends will call me, Jobo or Jobou. I have created this pool & billiards related community for amateur players who would like to learn how to play pool.

What you’ll find here is unique content tailored just for you: amateur and intermediate players looking for new insights into the world of pool.

I know you are hungry to learn more, and eager to find vital tips and information and I am happy to share some of my own hard-won wisdom with you – pool lessons harvested from my many years as an 8 ball league player, and as a successful league director and a popular instructor.

Membership to this community is currently FREE with registration, and includes delivery of occasional issues of Table Talk, my newsletter loaded with fun tips, ideas, and advice that you won’t be able to read fully without a subscription.

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Welcome to Joboworld! I have a unique perspective to offer and plenty of great stories to tell. Why don’t you begin with one of my feature stories below?

A quick note here, without yet putting a timeline on delivery, I wanted to let you all know that I’m currently working on refining and embellishing most the content here on Joboworld. I have had a lot of requests recently for a more organized system for building one’s skills and developing one’s mental strengths, geared towards amateur players. I figured I could oblige. It will take a bit of time to polish this all up and organize into a fun and succinct program, so I can’t offer a deadline as of yet. What I can tell you is that it will be laid out in a multi-book series entitled Develop a Sure-Shot Mentality. I’ll put each ebook up for sale here on the site alongside my Positive Thinking Clinic for a fair price. I hope you all enjoy the finished products!

Testimonial Excerpt:

Jobou’s knowledge of how to play pool is extensive and his patience for teaching beginners is endless. Most of all he has a passion for the game like no one else I know. Looking back at my many years playing pool I can honestly say that without his mentoring and teaching, I would not have become successful at the sport. I would have remained un-noticed, with untapped potential, and still only be playing for fun with friends on a Friday night.

I don’t think I have said this before, but, Thank you Jobou, without you it would not have been possible!

Erin Osinski, Merrimack NH

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