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Backpacking Spice Kit

A backpacking spice kit can liven up an ordinary freeze dried meal and even add zing to a meal made with fresh food.

Freeze drying food retains much more flavor than regular drying but there is still something missing. Prepared dried meals are made to please as many people as possible. To accomplish this goal the manufacturers cut back on spices. Not everybody likes garlic or season salt so they omit it. The food ends up bland but edible.

Coghlan's 9961 Multi Spice Pack

I like food that you can taste. My doctor is envious of my blood pressure so I don't have to worry about salt, yet. But if you do, you can use other spices to replace salt. Garlic is good for lowering cholesterol but not everybody likes garlic. You can add your own spices to your meals to customize them.

You do not have to bring several jars of spices you just need a container that can hold several spices in separate compartments. I have one with salt and pepper, garlic, Lawry's Season Salt, cinnamon, chili powder and oregano.

The container came with different spices but I removed the spices that I do not use that much and supplemented them with my favorites.

Multi Spice Empty Jar

The container is made of clear plastic with a rotating cover so you can dispense individual spices. Each compartment is large enough to hold spices from a small jar.

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