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Backpacking T Shirts

Backpacking t shirt Attach Backpack Here shirt Backpacking t shirt I Cant Get Lost shirt

How would you like to show your enthusiasm about camping, hiking and backpacking with these custom made backpacking t shirts. They are 100% cotton tee's that are preshrunk and available in several colors, numerous styles and cuts for men, women, children and infants. Wouldn’t you love to show off with a t shirt that has tells you where to attach a backpack.

I have come up with some original sayings such as " Attach Backpack Here ". You probably have seen images of Claymore Mines used by the military. On the front, the mines have instructions on which way to face the mine when you set it. The instructions say " Front, Towards Enemy ", I revamped the expression into " Front, Towards Trail " This will tell people which way to point you when you want to hit the trail.

CampingwithCharlie Clothing and Souvenir Shop

You can also get expressions such as I did it on the Trail : I can't get lost, I keep finding myself : I did it in the Woods : Do it on the Trail and Do it in the Woods. Of course these expressions refer to backpacking and camping. You have to remember, this is a family targeted website.

But if you want to add your own text or images you are free to do so.

Each piece of clothing comes with the emblem for CampingwithCharlie but can be omitted when ordered.
The items on the order page show the side with the emblem you will have to click the small image on the lower right of the item you wish to preview.

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