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Best Backpacking Lantern

When you only want to carry one lantern on your trip you want to have the best backpacking lantern. You want it to give out plenty of light and last more than an hour. You also want something that is stingy with your fuel and uses the same fuel as your stove. No sense in having to carry two types of fuel.

Primus has been making camping and exploration equipment since 1894. They started in Scandinavia and their products are used worldwide from the slopes of the Himalayas to the center of the poles. They are used in the most extreme environments because they have earned the reputation as manufacturers of dependable camping and exploration equipment.

Primus has 2 economically priced lanterns that use pressurized fuel canisters.

Primus Easy Light Lantern

The Primus Easy Light Lantern is a pressurized gas lantern with a patented silent burner. The Easy Light Lantern uses most common fuel canisters. The frosted globe is a replaceable glass surrounding that protects a single easy to replace mantle.

The lantern is made from corrosion resistant material designed to be maintenance free and the shipping weight is 15.5 ounces. You can also get an optional piezo ignition system. The lantern comes with a protective, impact resistant carry case and an attached hanging cable.

The light output is variable up to 80 Watt and puts out 275 BTUs. The Primus Easy Light Lantern will burn 12 to 24 hours depending on the level of light output.

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Best Backpacking Micron Lantern by Primus

The Primus Micron Lantern has the same silent burner system as the Easy Light Lantern but has smaller dimensions. The size is 5.9 inches tall, 3.6 inches wide and 3.1 inches deep. The lantern comes with a protective plastic carrying case and an attached hanging cable.

The globe is frosted glass to produce an even light source. The mantles are easily replaced. The light output is adjustable up to 360 lumens.

The lantern will burn up to 36 hours with a standard size pressurized gas canister, depending on the light output setting The Micron Lantern also has a convenient piezo ignition system.

This is a handy, dependable light source that is lightweight and durable.

Get a Primus Micron Lantern Today

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