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Camping with Charlie is full of tips, how to's, suggestions, best practices and good stuff to know about camping equipment.

I grew up in the woods and have done everything from simply building shelters and campfires to building zip lines and log bridges for cars to cross canals.

In this website you can search the pages at our Sitemap or get to know me better at my home page.

In this website you can also find instructions on how to start fires, put up tarps, camping in bear country, tips on what to look for in backpacking and camping equipment.I even have printable camping and backpacking lists so you don't forget anything. I also have a forum called the campfire where I tell stories of my past experiences while camping and backpacking, discuss new camping gear and my latest hikes. Most are done in the White Mountains in New England, USA but I have also backpacked in Alaska and Virginia.

I hope you enjoy my site and please tell your friends.

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