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Osseo Trail with Snow

Osseo Trail Sign on Lincoln Woods Trail
The Osseo Trail is in the White Mountains off the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire. The trail runs from the Lincoln Woods Trail to the backside of The Flume.

A gentle stroll up the Osseo Trail

From the Lincoln Woods Trail it starts out as a pleasant stroll through a deciduous woods following a stream.

Stream along the Osseo Trail

The grade gradually increases until it converts to a series of switchbacks in a pine setting where you have to step over and though roots and rocks on the trail.

Rocks on the Osseo Trail

The higher we went the more snow we encountered.

Snow on the Osseo Trail Roots and snow on the Osseo Trail

The grade reaches a point where there is not enough room for switchbacks so wooden stairs were installed.

Stairs on the Osseo Trail

At one point there is an overlook where you can see the valley with the Presidential Range as a background. We had snow in the higher elevations that morning and the mountains were in their dazzling wardrobe for us. We were not equipped for the snow so for safety sake we called it and headed down.

The Presedential Range in it's Glory

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