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Printable Backpacking List

A backpacking list is different from a camping list. You can download a PDF version of my printable backpacking list here. After you download the list and open it save it to a file so you can use it again.

When you are backpacking you are carrying everything on your back. Believe me when I tell you the weight of all the items quickly adds up. Some of the people I backpacked with go as far as cutting handles off of tooth brushes and bring powdered toothpaste. A few ounces here and a few ounces there can quickly equal 5 to 10 pounds less in your pack.

When I backpacked in Alaska I carried the heavier items such as cooking utensils, water filter, food and first aid kit, while my wife toted the sleeping bag and clothes. Her pack was bigger but weighed 10 pounds less. I also carried the camera with several lenses and film and the 44 mag and ammo. That brought my load to 51 pounds. That slowed me down enough for my wife to keep up on the grades.

First Aid Kit
Snake Bite Kit
Bear Pepper Spray
Water Filter
Water Bottle
Tent Footprint
Tarp & Ropes
Stove Fuel
Foldable Saw
Fire Starter
Survival Knife
Flint and Steel Kit
Waterproof Stuff Sack
Compression Stuff Sack
Sleeping Bag and Sheet
Self Inflating Air Mattress
Backpacking Chair
Backpacking Lantern
Headlamp and Batteries
Gps or Map and Compass
Trekking Pole
Rain Gear
Pack Fly

Water Container
Hiking Jacket
Pans or Cookware
Eating Utensils
Food and Seasonings
Trash Bags
Toilet Paper
Towels and Soap
Tooth Paste and Brush
Sun Block
Insect Repellent

If you take your dog

Collar and Leash
Dog Pack
Training Collar
Dog Bowl
Dog Medication

As you can see, weight is important and you want to minimize it where ever possible. Don't bring a large sleeping pad. Use one that is just large enough to fit on. Use the thicker and larger pads at the base camp. I made a pad cover out of a flannel sheet. The cover held our pads together and had a zipper to attach the sleeping bag. When we go backpacking and camping we bring just one sleeping bag. I wouldn't recommend this for winter camping but a few times we woke up and our water bucket was frozen but we were still warm and toasty.

You can find more information about the items in my printable backpacking list by going to the sitemap and selecting items from the list.

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