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Printable Camping List

This printable camping list is a list of all items I take camping. Your preference may be different but the list provides a sense of what is needed. The list can be edited to suit your needs. You can copy and paste this list into a word or text document or download a PDF version. You can save the PDF version onto your computer and print it as needed.
First Aid Kit
Snake Bite Kit
Bear Pepper Spray
Tent Footprint
Extra Tent Poles
Extra Tent Stakes
Tarps & Ropes
Camping Lantern
Water Filter
Stove : Lantern Fuel
Camping Shovel
Wood Saw
Fire Poker
Cooking Grate
Fire Starter
Survival Knife
Flint and Steel Kit
Water Container
Sleeping Bag and Sheet
Self Inflating Air Mattress
Rain Gear

Gps or Map and Compass
Hiking Jacket
Camper Pie Irons
Water Boiling Pot
Coffee Pot
Can and Bottle Opener
Eating Utensils
Trash Bags
Food and Seasonings
Toilet Paper
Towels and Soap
Tooth Paste and Brush
Sun Block
Insect Repellent

If you take your dog

Collar and Leash
Training Collar
Dog Bowl
Dog Medication

This list does not include food because everyones preference is different. However, you should completely plan your meals including condiments before you start packing. Allow a few days for the meats to fully freeze. The frozen foods will last longer. They should stay frozen for a few days as long as you don't let the ice disappear and keep the meats out of the water. I put my frozen meats in an open plastic tub in the cooler to keep them from becoming water logged. If you have a large amount of people to feed and all the food won't fit into one cooler put the drinks in one cooler and the meats and veggies in another. This will help to keep the meats frozen longer by not having the cooler opened continuously.

Another way to keep the meats frozen longer is to put the items you want frozen in a seperate cooler and use a block of dry ice.

As I stated earlier this printable camping list can be edited and you may not need everything on the list. This list is meant for camping in the northeast region of the US where there is plenty of water and there are no posionous snakes to worry about. If you camp in a region with posious snakes or animals include a good snake bite kit and learn how to use it effectively. This could mean the difference between life and death.

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