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What to Take Camping

Pork Loin on the Spit What to take camping depends on how you like to camp and where you will be camping. I prefer rustic or primitive camping in woods and mountains where if you want water you get it out of a stream or pond and boil it. You may prefer a cushier type of camping where there are amenities such as electricity and running water.

The items I have listed here are intended for backcountry camping where you bring your own comfort items such as stoves, light, fire utensils and purification for water. You do not want to drink directly out of a pond or stream due to bacteria that can give you the runs causing dehydration. Unless you know the source of the water, treat it as though it came from a contaminated pond where Giardia is abundant.
Giardia is a single celled organism that thrives in digestive tracks and will cause Beaver Fever. Beaver Fever is diarrhea and can be severe enough to cause dehydration, weight loss and inability for the digestive track to absorb needed fats and nutrients.

This list is available as a printable camping list in PDF format. The printable list has more items on it that are available at local hardware stores

First Aid Kit
Snake Bite Kit
Bear Pepper Spray
Tent Footprint
Extra Tent Poles
Extra Tent Stakes
Tarps & Ropes
Camping Lantern
Water Filter
Stove : Lantern Fuel
Camping Shovel
Wood Saw
Fire Poker
Cooking Grate
Fire Starter
Survival Knife
Flint and Steel Kit
Water Container
Sleeping Bag and Sheet
Self Inflating Air Mattress
Rain Gear

Gps or Map and Compass
Hiking Jacket
Camper Pie Irons
Water Boiling Pot
Coffee Pot
Can and Bottle Opener
Eating Utensils
Trash Bags
Food and Seasonings
Toilet Paper
Towels and Soap
Tooth Paste and Brush
Sun Block
Insect Repellent

If you take your dog

Collar and Leash
Training Collar
Dog Bowl
Dog Medication

Of course you can't forget the food. Before I shop for the food I decide what meals are needed and plan those meals in full. If I go camping for a week I will need 6 suppers, 7 breakfasts and 6 lunches. One supper will be pork chops with bakede potatoe and green beans and apple sauce. Another will be lamb with squash, mashed potatoes and brocolli. This way I know I have enough food for the week and will not have to go into town for condiments or bacon for a breakfast.

I do the shopping a few days before the trip so that the meat has time to become completely frozen. With a good cooler it will stay frozen for a few days. I put the frozen meat in an open plastic container to keep the meat from getting water logged from the melted ice.

As I said in another post, Each time I go camping I refer to this list and edit out what I will not need. While most state parks allow you to burn dead and down trees most do not allow you to use chainsaws. So, if I'm going where I cannot use a chainsaw I leave the chainsaw, gas and oil and sharpening tools home and bring a camping saw. With the spread of the Asian Longhorned Beetle and Ash Beetle campgrounds are strict about transporting firewood. So, if you plan on having a fire be prepared to scavange for wood to burn. If the park has running water I can leave the pot for boiling water home but bring a container to carry and store water.

I have a lot of my camping gear already to go in platic bins. This way I can just grab them and go. The bin with the food has to get emptied and refilled for each trip but it makes it easier because the containers for the dry and perishable goods are there to remind me of most things.

So, everytime I leave for a camping trip I have to decide what to take camping. With this printable camping list I just print it out and cross off items as I load them. This way I always have what I need.

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